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Michael Glennon

Deputy General Counsel, Acquisition & Logistics


Mr. Glennon, a native of Boston, Massachusetts and a devoted Red Sox fan, was graduated from Georgetown University in 1987 with an AB degree in the Classics, concentrating in the Classical languages, both Greek and Latin. Upon graduation, Mr. Glennon matriculated to Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri, to pursue a law degree.  In 1990 Mr. Glennon received his JD degree and was admitted to the Order of the Coif.  While pursuing his law degree, Mr. Glennon worked as a full-time member of the staff of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (then D-Conn) as part of the Washington University School of Law Congressional Clinic.  Mr. Glennon remains an active member of the Massachusetts bar, to which he was admitted in December 1990. 

In 1989, Mr. Glennon served as a Navy Office of the General Counsel (OGC) Summer Law Clerk, and was assigned to the Office of Counsel, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).  After graduation from law school, Mr. Glennon returned to OGC and NAVSEA to work in areas relating to major systems acquisition and procurement of ship-based electronics and weapons systems and as subsection head within the NAVSEA Office of Counsel Systems Section.  In 2008 he joined the Department of Defense Office of General Counsel, as an Associate General Counsel in the Acquisition and Logistics practice group, where his portfolio consisted in large part of the manned aircraft and ground vehicle programs of the military departments, especially those at the Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) level.  In 2013 he joined Air Force OGC, focusing on providing legal support to the acquisition of highly sensitive classified programs, including those at the MDAP-equivalent level.  In 2015 he returned to NAVSEA as the Systems Section Head to supervise a group of thirteen attorneys supporting the acquisition of ship-based electronics and weapons systems.  In 2016 he continued the pattern of returning to past places of employment and rejoined the Department of Defense Office of General Counsel, initially as Senior Associate General Counsel and deputy in the Acquisition and Logistics practice group.  He is now the Deputy General Counsel (Acquisition and Logistics), having entered the Senior Executive Service in December 2018. 

He resides in Alexandria with his wife Margie and their four children: Jack, Charles, Bridget, and Catherine.  When not working, making his wife happy, or seeing to the needs of his children, Mr Glennon enjoys, in no particular order, a good book, a short nap, a cold drink, a well cooked meal, a challenging word game, and a terrible pun.