Caroline D. Krass
General Counsel, DoD
Director, DLSA

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DoD General Counsel

The DoD General Counsel is the chief legal officer of the Department of Defense (DoD).  As such, the DoD General Counsel provides legal advice directly to the Secretary of Defense, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and senior DoD leaders on operational, technological, and other issues critical to DoD’s ability to execute its mission. The DoD General Counsel leads the Office of the General Counsel of the Department of Defense (DoD OGC) and is the Director of the Defense Legal Services Agency (DLSA).   


DoD OGC and DLSA provide comprehensive and timely legal advice across the DoD enterprise (except for the Military Departments and Combatant Commands, and the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense) on issues, such as:
•    the impact of domestic and international legal obligations on DoD military operations, intelligence operations, and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence; 
•    fiscal authorities for conducting operations; 
•    military and civilian personnel regulations; 
•    environmental requirements for DoD operations and installations; 
•    legislative proposals; and 
•    litigation.  

DoD OGC is composed of eight divisions: Acquisition and Logistics; Personnel and Health Policy; Intelligence; International Affairs; Fiscal; Environment, Energy and Installations; Legal Counsel; and Legislation, Investigations, and Oversight.  These divisions both focus on their core areas of expertise and collaborate with each other to ensure DoD OGC’s legal support is well-informed, deliberate, and actionable.  DoD OGC team members work directly with their DoD client organizations to resolve legal issues at the lowest possible level and to help inform operational and policy proposals at the earliest opportunity.

DLSA includes the Offices of General Counsel of the Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities (DAFAs).  The DAFA GCs report directly to the DoD GC to ensure alignment of legal guidance across the DoD enterprise.  More information about each DLSA organization can be found here.


Join us! DoD OGC and DLSA are always looking for additional legal talent.  DoD OGC legal opportunities can be found here and here. You may also contact DoD OGC for more information by emailing

The Honorable Caroline D. Krass, DoD General Counsel and Director, Defense Legal Services Agency|Biography
Corin R. Stone, DoD Principal Deputy General Counsel and Deputy Director, Defense Legal Services Agency|Biography



DOD GC Caroline Krass and DOD PDGC Corin Stone with the 2023 DOD OGC Interns

Members of DoD OGC and the NSC Legal Advisor’s Office
Florencio Yuzon (NSC Legal), Caroline Krass (DOD GC), Ashley Deeks (Principal Deputy Legal Advisor, NSC), Corin Stone (PDGC, DOD), Katie Visser (DOD OGC)

DOD GC Caroline Krass with the US delegation at a NATO legal advisors conference. 
Front row:  Ms. Sabeena Rajpal (State/L); CDR Meredith Werner, JAGC, USN (Legal Advisor for US NATO Delegation); HON Caroline Krass (DoD GC); CAPT Lia Reynolds, JAGC, USN (DoD OGC)
Second row:  Mr. Rich Visek (State Department Acting Legal Adviser);  Mr. Matt Thrasher (DoD OGC)

Deputy Secretary Hicks Addresses OGC All Hands.

DoD OGC goes to a ballgame.